Welcome from the BLTG Chair 



BLTG Chair, Professor Darius Mirza would like to invite you to the fourth meeting of the BLTG (British Liver Transplant Group) since its inception.

As an affiliate of BASL, the BTLG has built on the role of the UK and Ireland Annual Meeting and will integrate the meetings previously organised by each individual transplant centre to offer a central stage for those operating in or with a strong interest in the field of liver transplantation.

We hope that you will be present at this meeting, which will be attended by both eminent UK and international speakers, including Professor Geoff McCaughan University of Sydney, Australia, and Professor Peter Friend who will deliver the distinguished Williams-Calne lecture.


If you are attending the BLTG Transplant Meeting Day only, please complete the separate BLTG registration form.  You can also book and pay for the BLTG Dinner at the same time.

Open BLTG Transplant Meeting Booking Form

If you are attending the BASL2017 Annual Meeting you are invited to attend the BLTG Transplant Meeting at a reduced fee. You do not need to register separately for the BLTG event; simply indicate your attendance at the BLTG Transplant Meeting when registering for the main BASL Annual Meeting.

If you would like to attend the BLTG Dinner on the evening of Tuesday 6th September, you can book and pay for this at the same time.

Open BASL2017 Annual Meeting Booking Form


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