BASL2017: Abstract List and Poster Information

BASL Annual Meeting 2017

P001 The Degree Of Liver Failure Is The Main Determinant Of The Circulating Exosomal MiRNA Profile In Patients With Liver Injury
P002 SIRT1 Is Up-regulated During Cholestasis In Response To Bile Acid Overload And Actively Contributes To Liver Injury
P003 SOX9 Predicts Progression Of Liver Fibrosis In Patients With Chronic Hepatitis C
P004 YAP Regulated SOX9 Expression Promotes Liver Fibrosis.
P005 Multi-platform Metabonomics Reveals A Distinct Metabolic Phenotype Of Acute-on-chronic Liver Failure
P006 Human Bile Is Not Sterile
P007 Maternal Obesity Pre-natally Influences The Immune Profile Of Offspring Liver
P008 The Efficacy Of Pharmacological Intervention For Reducing Macrovesicular Lipid Accumulation In Primary Human Hepatocytes In Vitro: A Precursor Study To Improvement Of Macrovesicular Steatosis In Donor Livers With Normothermic Machine Perfusion Of The Liver
P009 Osteopontin Shows Differential Expression In Clinical Phases Of Chronic Hepatitis B Infection And Promotes Hepatitis B Replication.
P010 Exploring The Role Of IL-12 In Primary Biliary Cholangitis: Treg Polarization To Th1 Cells
P011 Transcriptome Profiles Of NK And T Cells Regulating Immune Control In Chronic Hepatitis B, Associate Better With Patients Treated With Pegylated Interferon Alpha-Nucleos(t)ide Analogue (NA) Sequential Therapy Compared To De Novo NA Therapy.
P012 HBV-specific T Cell Immunity In Inactive Carrier Patients Is Independent Of Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Load.
P013 Seeking The Genetic Determinants Of Resistance To Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Infection In A Highly Resistant Cohort.
P014 Quantitative Non-invasive Assessment Of Liver Disease In Preclinical Models Using Multiparametric MR Imaging: A Feasibility Study
P015 Audit On The Use Of Advanced Hepatitis C Therapies And The Implication Of Drug Interactions On Regime Choice
P016 Signal Transducer And Activator Of Transcription 3 (STAT- 3) Gene Is A Positive Regulator Of Hepatitis C Virus Replication
P017 Sequence Analysis Of Exon 1 Of The Ferritin Light Chain (FTL) Gene Can Reveal The Rare But Benign Diagnosis Of 'Hereditary Hyperferritinaemia Without Cataracts'
P018  The Effect Of Omega Fatty Acids On Hepatic Function
P019 HLA-E & HLA-F Are Present In Healthy Liver With Increased Hepatocyte Expression In Cirrhosis
P020 Albumin Restores Macrophage Immune Function: Linking Clinical Data From ATTIRE To Mechanistic Studies
P021  Multiparametric Magnetic Resonance Imaging Can Quantitatively Assess Fibroinflammatory Response To Direct Acting Antiviral Treatment Of Hepatitis C Virus
P022 Upregulated Innate Immune Responses In An HCV Exposed Uninfected Cohort.
P023 Systemic Delivery Of Gene Therapy -- A Proof Of Concept Study In A Model Of Cirrhosis And Portal Hypertension
P024 The 2nd Atlas Of Variation In Risk Factors And Healthcare For Liver Disease In England

The Cost Of Cirrhosis In The Last Year Of Life And The Impact Of Day-case Services: An Analysis Of Factors Shaping Healthcare Use, Cost And End Of Life Outcomes In England

P026 Efficacy Of Obeticholic Acid Treatment In Patients With Primary Biliary Cholangitis With Cirrhosis
P027 Ombitasvir (Abt 267), Ritanavir Boost With Dastasbuvir (Abt 333) And Prataspravir (Abt 450) With Or Without Ribavirin (Rbv) In G1 Special Population In Hemodialysis (Hd) In Chronic Hepatitis C (Hcv) Patients. Drop C Trial: An Open Label Prospective Clinical Pilot Study
P028 Disease Staging Of Patients Who Tested Positive In The HepFree Primary Care Viral Hepatitis Screening Trial
P029 The Use Of The AST: ALT Ratio To Identify At Risk Liver Disease -- A " Welsh Liver Plan" Pilot Study Based On The Aneurin Bevan Liver Pathway
P030 Risk Reduction With Obeticholic Acid In Patients Not Achieving The POISE Primary Endpoint
P031 Maintenance Zinc Therapy After Initial Penicillamine Chelation To Treat Symptomatic Hepatic Wilson's Disease In Resource Constrained Setting
P032 Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse (ARFI) Elastography Combined With Ultrasound SPVD (spleen Platelets Portal Vein Doppler) Score In Variceal Screening: Improved Performance Compared With Baveno VI Criteria For Avoidance Of Endoscopy In Cirrhotics
P033 Does Liver Stiffness Measurement And Controlled Attenuation Parameter Predict Portal Hypertension, Liver Related Events And Overall Mortality In Individuals With Cirrhosis?
P034 Ammonia Is An Important Determinant Of Mortality In Patients With Acute Deterioration Of Cirrhosis
P035 Lactobacillus Casei Shirota (LCS; Yakult) Vs Placebo In Patients With Well-compensated Cirrhosis: A Double-blind, Randomised Controlled Study
P036 Classical Features Of Portal Hypertension Do Not Influence Outcome In Patients With INCPH: A Single Centre European Study
P037 Therapeutic Ascitic Drain Insertion And Subsequent Risk Of Bacterial Peritonitis- Myth Or Fact?
P038 Real World Impact Of Rifaximin- Use In Hepatic Encephalopathy Patients With Advanced Liver Disease Or Continued Alcohol Misuse: A Post-hoc Analysis Of The IMPRESS Study
P039 Liver Function Assessment Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging With Gadoxetic Acid Administration
P040 Elbasvir, Grazoprevir; With Or Without Ribavirin And Its Effectiveness With Sofosbuvir Resulting Svr In Chronic Hepatitis C Genotype 1 Prior Experienced Co-Infected Individuals. A Randomized Open Label Clinical Prospective Trial: EGRESS - C
P041 Raised Serum Creatinine And Decrease In Renal Cyp2c11 Gene Expression In Bile Duct Ligated Rats Is Attenuated By The Adsorbent Of Gut Bio-toxins: YAQ001
P042 Reducing Unwarranted Variation To Improve Health Service Provision For Patients With Cirrhosis
P043 Factors Associated With Mortality In Patients Presenting With Acute Variceal Haemorrhage At Aberdeen Royal Infirmary
P044  A Prospective, Observational Study Of Bone Disease And Vitamin D Deficiency In Patients With Compensated Cirrhosis
P045 Assessment Of Non Invasive Markers Of Fibrosis Against Collagen Quantitation And NASH-CRN Scoring In Liver Biopsies Of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Patients
P046 Efficacy And Safety Of Endoscopically Assisted Placement Of The Balloon Tamponade Tube For Variceal Haemorrhage.
P047 Rifaximin- Is Associated With Reductions In Emergency Department Resource Use In UK Patients With Hepatic Encephalopathy: Real World Evidence From The IMPRESS Study
P048 Investigating The Impact Of Undiagnosed Chronic Hepatitis C (HCV) On Healthcare Utilisation In A Primary Care Setting: A Case Control Study.
P049 Tissue Yields Are Greater With End-Cutting Than Tru-Cut Biopsy Needles In An Audit On Medical Liver Biopsies
P050 Risk Stratifying Patients With Spontaneous Bacterial Peritonitis Based On A Predictive Model Of 30-day Mortality.
P051 Unwarranted Variation In End Of Life Care For Patients With Advanced Liver Disease
P052 Sooner Rather Than Later. Early Hospice Intervention In Advanced Liver Disease (ALD)
P053 CLIF-C ACLF Score > 70 Identifies Patients With Decompensated Liver Cirrhosis With A Devastating Prognosis
P054 Study Of The Mangement Of Primary Biliary Cholangitis In The Context Of Treatment Guidelines And Biochemical Response
P055 A Nurse-led Paracentesis Service At York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust: A Single Centre Experience
P056  Thinking Ahead In Liver Cirrhosis
P057 Undiagnosed Portal Hypertension In Patients With Breast Cancer Treated With Trastuzumab Emtansine (TE) For Longer Than 10 Months
P058 Reducing Hospital Admissions For Paracentesis Using A Novel Self-management Tool
P059 Designing And Evaluating ANDREUS (Ascites Needle Drainage Replicator Employing Ultrasound)
P060 Transfusion-transmitted Acute Hepatitis E Infection Precipitating Severe Decompensation Of Previously Undiagnosed Cirrhosis
P061 Developing A Prediction Model For Hepatic Encephalopathy In Patients With Cirrhosis
P062 A Prospective Audit Of Symptom Burden And Palliative Care Referral Amongst In-Patients With Decompensated Liver Disease.
P063 Autoimmune Liver Disease In The UK: A National Primary Care Evaluation Of Disease Geo-epidemiology
P064 Low-dose Interleukin-2 Treatment In Autoimmune Hepatitis
P065 MAIT-cell Dysfunctions Correlate With Markers Of Intestinal Integrity In ALD Patients.
P066 Multi-parametric MRI Imaging Correlates With Clinically Meaningful Surrogates Of Disease Activity In Autoimmune Hepatitis
P067 Audit Of Antenatal Care Of Hepatitis B In A High Prevalence Community: Challenges And Solutions
P068 Antibody Profiling In PBC: A Step Towards Patient Stratification?
P069 Hepatic Steatosis Progresses Faster In HIV Mono-infected Than HIV/HCV Co-infected Patients And Is Associated With Liver Fibrosis
P070 Optimal Dosing Of UDCA Remains Crucial, Even In The Era Of New Therapies
P071 What A Difference A Year Makes: Improving Access To Treatments For Hepatitis C In A New UK Based Secondary Care Hepatology Service
P072 Baseline Neutrophil-to-Lymphocyte Ratio Predicts Steroid Responsiveness In Patients With Autoimmune Hepatitis
P073 Does Fibrosis Score Impact On Survival Following Resection For Hepatocellular Carcinoma: A Surveillance, Epidemiology And End Results (SEER) Database Analysis
P074 Local Regional Therapies For Unresectable Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma: A Systematic Review And Meta-Analysis
P075 Risk Of Post-ERCP Pancreatitis After Placement Of Covered Vs Uncovered Self-Expanding Biliary Metal Stents For Malignant Strictures
P076 Biliary Reconstruction Following Transplantation Of A Bio-engineered Bile Duct Incorporating Primary Human Cholangiocyte Organoids.
P077 The Delivery Of Stem Cell Therapy To Extended Criteria Donor Human Livers Using Normothermic Machine Perfusion
P078 Ileo-anal Pouch Anastomosis Negatively Impacts Graft Survival Following Liver Transplantation For Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis
P079 Outcomes of Biopsy-Proven Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) in South East Asian Patients: A Single Tertiary Centre Experience
P080 Self-expanding Metal Stents Are Effective In Resolving Anastomotic Biliary Strictures After Orthotopic Liver Transplantation
P081 Effect Of Interleukin-2 (IL2) Receptor Antagonist Induction Immunosuppression On Short And Medium Term Renal Outcomes Post Liver Transplantation
P082 New Insights From The SILVER Study; A 50 % Reduction In Calcineurin Inhibitors At Day 30 Does Not Impact On Long-term Renal Function After Liver Transplantation.
P083 The Escalating Impact Of Hepatocellular Carcinoma On UK Liver Transplantation; An Analysis Of The United Kingdom Liver Transplant Database.
P084 Long Term Mortality Is Increased In Patients Surviving Acute Liver Failure Without Transplantation.
P085 Proximity To Transplant Centre Does Not Affect Outcome Among UK Liver Transplant Patients
P086 Percentage Of People With Hepatocellular Carcinoma That Have Had Resection, Ablation Or Transplantation Treatment By Region, 2010-14
P087 Risk-adjusted Survival In Liver Transplant Patients Assessed And Managed By A Non-transplanting Centre: South West Liver Unit Experience.
P088 Development And Validation Of The Collagen Neo-Epitope Biomarker Pro-C3 "FIB-C3 Score" For Detection And Staging Of Advanced Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease In A Large International Multi-Centre Patient Cohort
P089 Early Identification Of Candidates For Second-line Therapies In PBC Using A UDCA-response Model
P090 Effects Of B-Cell Depleting Therapy (Rituximab) On Liver Biochemistry And Serum Cytokines Levels In UDCA Responsive Patients: Results From A Randomised Controlled Trial Of Rituximab In Fatigued PBC Patients (RitPBC).
P091 Hepatitis B Core-related Antigen (HBcrAg) Is Useful Marker In HBV/HDV Co-infection And Can Help To Predict Response To Pegylated Interferon Therapy
P092   A Dedicated Hostel-based Community Liver Service For Homeless And Vulnerable Adults: VALID (Vulnerable Adults LIver Disease) Study
P093 Serum Metabonomic And Gut Microbial Profile In Patients With Primary Biliary Cholangitis With Pruritus And The Effect Of Ileal Bile Acid Transporter Inhibition
P094 Analysis Of A Novel Email Communication Service Between General Practitioners And Hepatologists For The Management Of Liver Disease.
P095 The Development Of Liver Disease In Childhood Acquired Hepatitis C Infection In The UK
P096 Sofosbuvir And Ledipasvir In Attainment Of SVR12 In Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) Sub-population With Chronic Hepatitis C (CHC). A Single Center Prospective Open Label Clinical Pilot Study - SLASH C Trial
P097 Antenatal Clinic: The Ideal Screening Platform For Alcohol Related Harm
P098 Development Of An Algorithm For The Prediction Of Cardiovascular Events In Patients With NAFLD: The Role Of Mean Platelet Volume
P099 The Utility Of Quantitative Hepatitis B Surface Antigen (qHBsAg) As A Diagnostic Marker In Identifying High Risk Cases Of Antenatal Hepatitis B In A UK Cohort.
P100 Quality Of Life Post SVR In Those Who Inject Drugs At The Time Of Treatment Vs Those Who Have Stopped Injecting At Least 6 Months Earlier. Examining Factors Including, Reinfection, Alcohol Use And Presence Of Cirrhosis.
P101 The Role Of Serial Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse (ARFI) Elastography In Confirming Remission In Active Autoimmune Liver Disease: A Controlled Retrospective Study With Long Follow Up
P102 Hepatitis E Virus Infection: Increasingly Common And Frequently Heralded By Neuromuscular Symptoms
P103 Rifampicin Is Well Tolerated As Therapy For Patients With Cholestatic Pruritus -- A Single Centre Cohort Study
P104 Non-viral Liver Disease Burden In HIV Mono-infected Individuals: A Prospective Cohort Study
P105 Exploring The Impact Of Autoimmune Hepatitis On Health-Related Quality Of Life
P106 Project ITTREAT (Integrated Community Based Test -- Stage-TREAT HCV Service) For People Who Inject Drugs: Year 3 Results
P107 Natural History Of The Evolution And Regression Of Steatohepatitis And Fibrosis In Patients With NAFLD: Implications For Trial Design
P108 Intra-gastric Balloon Effectiveness In Treating Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease And Mechanistic Involvement Of Weight-loss Associated Microbiota-related Immune Factors.
P109 Safety And Efficacy Of Direct Acting Antivirals: UK Real World Experience From A Large Well Characterised Predominantly Cirrhotic HCV Cohort
P110 Is The Chronic Care Model The Answer To The Unmet Need For Integrated Care In Orphan Liver Diseases?
P111 Real World Experience Of Treating HCV Genotype 4 With Direct Acting Antiviral Agents: Encouraging Outcomes From A UK-based Cohort.
P112 The Chronic Care Model (CCM) In Primary Biliary Cholangitis (PBC): Time To Reconsider Our Approach
P113 Diagnosis And Surveillance Of Hepatitis C Virus Drug Resistance In The UK
P114 Hepatitis C: Awareness Through To Treatment (HepCATT) Study: Evaluation Of An Intervention Designed To Increase Diagnosis And Treatment Of Patients With Hepatitis-C Virus Infection In Drug Treatment Settings
P115 Collagen Proportionate Area Correlates With Histological Stage And Predicts Clinical Events In Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis.
P116 Interactions With Hepatitis C Therapies - Is The Pharmacist Now Your Best Friend?
P117 Mitochondrial-shaping Proteins As Specific Biomarkers To Distinguish Alcohol From Fat-induced Liver Toxicity.
P118 Does Post-delivery ALT Flare Modulate The Natural Course Of HBV Infection?
P119 Adequacy Of Percutaneous Non-targeted Liver Biopsy Sampling Using The Biopince And Achieve Biopsy Needle.
P120  Sofosbuvir/Velpatasvir For 8 Weeks Amongst Treatment Naive Patients With Genotype 3 Hepatitis C And F2/3 Fibrosis.
P121  Hospital Admissions Among Children And Young People With A Mention Of Liver Disease
P122  Do HBsAg Concentrations > 4 Log10 IU/ml Represent A Risk For Mother To Child Transmission Of HBV Infection In All Chronic Hepatitis B Patients?
P123  Interpretation Of Low Lysosomal Acid Lipase (LAL) Levels In The Hepatology And Metabolic Services
P125  Use Of The Precis-2 Tool To Aid The Design Of SUPERDOT-C: A Pragmatic Cluster Randomised Controlled Trial Of A Community Pharmacy Pathway To Test And Treat Hepatitis -C
P126  Extrahepatic Portal Vein Obstruction In Children With VACTERL Association
P127  Mapping Treated And Untreated Hepatitis C In The North East Of England To Allow The Strategic Development Of Hepatitis C Services
P128  An Integrated Primary And Secondary Care Algorithm For Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Significantly Increases Community Screening For Hepatitis B And C Infection
P129  Factors Preventing Testing For Chronic Viral Hepatitis (CVH) In UK South-Asians - A Novel National Institute For Health Research (NIHR) Study To Improve Recognition Of CVH In A High Risk Population
P130  Audit Of Management Of Chronic Hepatitis B: A Somerset Experience.
P131  Primary Biliary Cholangitis (PBC) - A Neglected Disease In Primary Care?

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