Industry Satellite Symposia

Industry Sponsored Meetings

Our Gold Level sponsors will each hold a satellite symposium during the BASL2018 Annual Meeting, the details of which are below. 


Date/Time: Wednesday 19th September, 12:40 – 13:25
Title:  Stay on Track for Transplant Working together in HE
Room:  PL002, Exhibition Centre
   Dr Debbie Shawcross, Reader & Honorary Consultant in Hepatology, King’s College Hospital, London
 Dr Andrew Holt, Consultant Transplant Physician, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham
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During the symposium the speakers will look to inform specialists in Gastroenterology and Hepatology on new and emerging evidence to potentially reduce the impact of patients on liver transplant lists across the UK. The speakers will present the evidence through two presentations the first looking at liver transplantation and hepatic encephalopathy (HE), maximising the marginal gains. The second presentation will look at optimising outcomes in transplantation in patients with HE. The symposium will also have a Q&A session for the audience to ask the speakers any questions related to the presentations.

This symposium may contain promotional information and Norgine products.

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Date/Time:  Wednesday 19th September, 17:10 – 17:55 
Title:  Is treatment timing the key to better patient outcomes in uHCC?
Room:  PL002, Exhibition Centre
  Dr Pankaj Punia, Consultant Medical Oncologist
Dr Tim Cross, Consultant Gastroenterologist
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 17:10–17:15 Chair welcome and introduction
17:15–17:30 Timely initiation of systemic treatment to improve patient outcomes
17:30–17:40 Systemic treatment sequencing in uHCC – latest updates and expert considerations
17:40–17:50 Audience Q&A
17:50–17:55 Meeting summary and conclusion

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Date/Time: Thursday 20th September, 12:15 – 13:00 
Room:  PL002, Exhibition Centre
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Date/Time: Thursday 20th September, 17:25 – 18:05
Title:  Constellations: Connecting the stars in HCV care
Room:  PL002, Exhibition Centre
   Andrew Ustianowski 
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In light of NHS England’s aim of beating the WHO hepatitis C elimination target of 2030 by 5 years, this meeting offers an insight into the key barriers facing elimination efforts in the UK covering issues around screening and diagnosis, linkage to care, provision of treatment and reinfection.

17:35–17:40 Welcome and introductions – Dr Andy Ustianowski (Chair)

17:40–17:50 The obstacles to elimination – Dr Andy Ustianowski

17:50–18:20 Shining a light on elimination strategies – Dr Andy Ustianowski; Committee members from the AbbVie Constellations Forum

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Please note that the session titles may be subject to minor changes.            



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